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Life is like

A happy birthday 

The force of bliss

Before a dreary work day 
A continuing facade 

Behind a mask 

Disguising the self 

From the real task 
And so we live 

Without a heart 

Isolated, alone 

The world torn apart 
Without the words 

To help each other 

We lack the courage 

To face another 
Each day we fight 

To improve our plight 

To bring hope 

In a world 

That cannot cope 
It is through 

The bonds we share 

That help us continue 

Just find the light within you 




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Settled is the soul 

Who wakes up with the sun

Living with the goal 

Of always being whole 
We can be 

Because we are always free 

To follow the heart 

And not be torn apart 

With ample time to repent 

The courageous creed

To melt away 

The steel core of greed 
A smile

Or perhaps a whisper 

Is just what it takes 

To let go of mistakes 
And live 

Without chains 

Each link we give 

To others 

So we do not suffer 



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We live right now 

Don’t dwell in yesterday 

We can’t let the tide of sorrows

Keep happiness away 
Breaking apart time 

And all it’s binding coils 

Leaves us with a new rhyme 

As the old rage has boiled 
The road goes forth 

Never ending 

If the path stops 

We can branch out again 
Tomorrow comes

In the morning 

But right now we are 

Living life with glory 

Here lives the light


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Here lives the light 

Burning vivid and bright 

When it dwells within 

Covering up the sin
Even in the dark 

The soul contains a spark 

Picking apart one’s self 

And asking the world for help 
Living in a lie

The dream will surely revive 

If we maintain hope 

We can learn to cope 
We live right now 

Without thinking about how 

Let life flow

And help ourselves to grow 

Passing through 


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Passing through 

The present moment 

Only creates 

A lifetime of torment 
Right now we

Can live and breathe 

Without giving a chance 

To give misery a glance 
Worry not 

If it all feels like a lot 

For we cannot ever fall short

So go forth 

With all you’ve got 
Enough is the one 

Who wakes up with the sun 

And feels gratitude beyond measure 

For life to give them such pleasure 



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Seeking forgiveness 

We follow the riddles

To find an answer 

Somewhere in the middle 
And the crippling condition 

Of being unable to listen 

When we close our hearts 

Tearing all thoughts apart 
Cries for redemption 

Color each word 

Marching ahead 

Still full of dread 
Yet through life’s course 

Is revealed the source 

All of time flows

Wherever the soul goes 
Within our grasp 

Is our fated task 

With an open mind 

A new destination we will find 



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Leaping forth

Is only a start 

The first battle 

A test of the heart 

The eye only sees

What it wants to believe 

Yet human greed

Denies other creeds 

In ourselves we must 

Not collect dust

Pushing our self imposed limits 

A release of our rust 

Reason does not deny 

A frustrated cry

It is our task 

To uncover our mask


As only you can 

And be open minded 

Lest you be blinded 

Decision time 


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Decision time 

As the twelfth hour chimes 

Do you stand up and fight?

Or give in to the night?
Time runs its course 

A sinister force 

Set to diverge our path 

Towards unbridled wrath
But each road 

Has two ways to go 

If only we look

Within life’s little nooks 
All worn out 

And no strength to move 

Each fiber of anger 

Has lost its groove 
Anything can happen 

When the heart becomes free 

From the shackles 

Of life expectancy 
The thirteenth hour strikes 

A newfound sense of hope 

Now everything is all right 

We can finally cope 



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Remember the time you struggled?

Remember the time you survived?

Remember when you kept going?

Even when you screamed and cried?
Did we rise up 

Knowing we would fail?

Or did we stay silent 

Hoping to prevail?
When we close our eyes 

Giving in to sleep 

The heart shows the way 

Paved by the strength we keep 
And at last we remember 

That which we thought lost 

When life has no more questions 

And tears don’t have a cost 



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Grabbing hold 

Of expectations 

To retrieve the courage 

Of generations 
Burning bridges 

Does not cause harm

When it can restore 

A new sense of calm
So why can’t we 

Retrieve the flame 

Instead of flinging 

The endless blame 
A heated question 

Of purest intention 

If only 

We pay attention 
Even nature cannot 

Force human will to stop 

From achieving our desire 

With a heart forged of fire