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I read this post (http://aopinionatedman.com/2013/05/01/evolution/) by A Opinionated Man and it got me thinking…

One minute we can be so happy and full of life, and the next it can be shattered. Depression then finds it way into the soul, and never lets go. Days are never good. They are bad days or better days.

It becomes easy to feel trapped, and like you can’t get out. Life becomes a puzzle, and the key to victory feels out of reach.

This is certainly what life used to feel like for me. I eventually realized that life isn’t so bad after all. Enriching my life by trying new things and meeting new people made a world of difference to me. For those reading who also feel puzzled, don’t lose hope. Life always gets better!

For today’s diary entry, I wrote a story based on what this experience felt like for me:

Children sleeping

Futures bright

Fearful only

By turning out the light

I was like any other child once. I dreamt of what any other kid did… monsters, royalty, and superheroes. Only in the realm of the sleeping was I a princess. No one could steal MY throne. At the waggle of a finger, my noble nights would rush to my aid.

Tonight, the kingdom was safe. I sat on my throne of gold, sipping a glass of lemonade.

“Ahhh… How I love my lemonade!” I put the glass down and my servants scurried away.

“My lady… My lady…” I heard several men shouting.

“What is it? Who disturbs my lemonade session?”

“Run… flee… get away…” The men dropped like flies, disappearing in several puffs of black smoke. I ran away, horrified at what they became.

“Gotcha!” Two wispy hands grabbed me from behind. I struggled violently to break free, but it was no use.

“Save me!” I shrieked, only to realize that all my knights were gone.

“Too late for that princess!” The figure exclaimed. I felt myself being whisked away. My glorious kingdom now vanished out of site, never to return.

I landed next in a pitch black room. No walls or objects found solace here. For now it was  only me and my thoughts.

“I can’t see! Where am I? Help!!!” I ran around frantically, trying to find some sort of door to get out.

“You can’t get out. You’re stuck here forever. You can try, but you won’t succeed!” I heard shrill laughter somewhere far away. I tried pinching myself to wake up, to go back to the living world of humanity.

“This isn’t a dream!” This ghostly black figure filled my mind with a sense of dread. His face taunted me; appeared in every thought. His glaring red eyes and menacing grin sent shivers down my spine.

“Am I really stuck here forever?” I curled up into a ball and cried. If this wasn’t a dream, then I at least hoped sleep would come.

I woke up again to the same black room. “Not again…” I sighed. Today would be another day like the last. However, something shiny caught my eye. I ran over to it, happy to see color in a dark world. I was startled to find an old key.

“Huh? How did this get here?” I picked it up and rubbed my hand along its rusted surface. I gently placed it in my pocket, being careful not to break it.

“Since I’m such a nice guy, I gave you a hint!” The black ghost suddenly appeared in front of me, and I jumped back.

“Who are you and what do you want?” I shouted. “And how do I use this key?”

“Too bad! I’m all out of hints!” He disappeared just as suddenly as he came. I was left alone to my own thoughts.

“How do I get out of here if there is no door?” I shrugged. The only thing left to do was ponder the mysteries of this place. There I sat, hoping the answers would come to me.

Day after day, this riddle eluded me. I waited passively, hoping this hellish room would dissolve. It sapped my strength and slowly stole my will to escape.

“Please, get me out of here…” I prayed, day after day. Each prayer was answered only by the ghost’s chilling laughter.

Years passed in this way. Though I aged, I felt stuck in the past. How weak I had become, stuck in this room for so long. I wondered if anybody noticed I was here. I held the key in my hands once more. It was the only comfort I had in this misery. Once brilliant silver, it had now faded away into rust. Cursing this discordant reality, I threw the key into the abyss.

“Useless… useless… useless!” I clawed at my hair to prevent the despair from sinking in.

“Still trying princess? I told you years ago, there’s no point.” The black ghost grinned.

“Go away! I’ll find a way out, you’ll see!” I clenched my teeth to hold back the tears.

“You said that years ago! Looks like you’ve given up trying!”

“Shut up! I’m just thinking, that’s all!”

“Hah! Like that will ever get you out!” He cackled. “Have fun!” His voice lingered as he faded away.

“No! I won’t accept this! There IS a way out!” I got up and quietly scanned the room, imagining the outside world. I pictured the sun bathing everything in white light. For the first time since arriving, I felt peaceful. The black parted way for clarity, and I saw a new face.

“Princess…princess…can you hear me?” A man’s voice filled my mind.

“Yes! I can hear you! But how-“

“That’s not important. Quick, give me the key!”

The key glowed brightly, now infused with life. A hand reached out to grab it as a door appeared in front of me.

“Go! Now! I will meet you on the other side!” The satisfying click of the opened door filled me with excitement. I ran through and never looked back. The sunlight on the other side surrounded me, filling me with warmth. The black ghost inside my mind shrieked violently.

“You haven’t seen the last of me, princess…” He stammered weakly before fading away.

“I’m finally free.” I sobbed.

“Yes, you’re safe now.” The man touched my shoulder gently. “I’m sorry I couldn’t reach you sooner. That damned ghost kept stopping me.” He spat.

“But why couldn’t I escape?” I asked.

“Because there was no way you could. That key was enchanted. He put a spell on it so that only someone else could have opened the door.”

“I should have found a way-

“Princess, it’s all over now. Best not to think about it anymore.” I stared at the sunlight, happy to be a part of the living once again. The time to put the past behind me was now.

“Besides, you never know when he’ll strike again.” He shrugged.

“Thank you for everything.” I hugged him tightly.

“You’re welcome, princess.”

“Tell me, what is your name?”

“You can call me Altheus.”

“Am I really a princess, Altheus? Everyone seems to think I am.”

“Of course you are, remember? I went to the ends of the earth to look for you. I’m so glad to see you safe and sound.” A tear formed in his eye. I couldn’t resist the urge to giggle.

“You think this is funny, princess?” I began snorting, and tears of joy fell down my cheeks.

“Still. It’s so good to see you laughing once again.” He smiled sweetly. “I think it’s time to go home, princess. You can have all the lemonade you want there.”

Altheus led the way. The sunlight gently caressed our cheeks as we began the long path home.