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A lot of people seem to be so quick to dismiss rain or see it as a nuisance. They quicken their pace to get away from it, or grab an umbrella to shield themselves from it.

Not many people take the time to embrace the rain; it can actually be very cleansing. Playing in the rain might be seen as childish, but it is actually beneficial. Jump around in puddles. Let out your inner child. It’s okay, really. All the hardships of the day will seem trivial afterwards.

Next time you are feeling down and it is raining outside, try it!

Today’s short story shows why rain is so necessary.


The birth of fire, the savior and the harbinger. Glowing embers can light the way, or crush man’s dreams forever. It is not so simple to rebuild all that is lost. Wishes of tomorrow fill the spirit with hopes and dreams. How quickly the broken, shattered remnants of yesterday become discarded and forgotten.

Alise’s tears would be seen by no one. Visions of the end filled her mind with twisting agony. His face lingered on, distorting her happiness. It was so long ago that he was taken, but yet he was still here. The orange inferno blazed brightly, enveloping him completely. All Alise could do was watch as her love was consumed by death.

He was the first and the last. No one would be close to her again. The moon and the stars were her only friends; her only comfort from the hell of the outside world.

She sat now in quiet contemplation, bathing in the white light around her. Somehow, she knew tonight would be the same: all questions but no answers. As she tried desperately to forget, she felt restless. The forces of darkness inside her soul called out to her.

“Surrender. There is no hope for you.”

“Why let him torture you? Come, join us.”

“Go away!” Her loud voice boomed in the stillness of the night, and made her shiver. It had been far too long since she had heard a human voice.

“Is there no end to this?” She sighed and looked up at the clouds. She wished a cleansing rain would come forth, and wash away the solitude. The small scraps of light faded away as the grey clouds took over.

“Mother Moon, why do you torment me so?” She whispered. She could feel something inside her stirring, waiting to get out. She bit her lip, fighting back the new feelings overwhelming her. Not even the light remained, and she knew then she would be stuck here forever.

“Why couldn’t I act? Why?” She cried out. “Why couldn’t I save him?”

He appeared in her mind once again. A single tear fell down his cheek as he reached out his hand.

“Come, Alise. Surely this isn’t your destiny.” His voice was filled with sadness.

“Is this some kind of joke?” She thought coldly. “Since when did you decide to help me?”

“What has happened to you Alise? You used to be so kind…” He was surrounded by an orange glow.

“You! You ruined my life! Get out!” She was deafened by her screams.


“I’m sick of seeing your fucking face!” She stood up and pushed him away. She could feel herself getting hotter. Her fury could not be dissipated. It tore away at everything inside her as he bore the brunt of her rage.

“Die!” She yelled.

“Alise! Why?” He shouted as his essence dissolved into millions of tiny pieces. She scratched at her arms, trying to relieve the scorching heat. At this moment the clouds opened up, flooding the earth with relief. Drops of rain danced around her, embracing her skin.  For the first time in years, she felt free.

“It seems I was wrong after all.” She laughed. She walked on ahead, looking for new beginnings. She knew now that the fires of yesterday were extinguished, and only the guiding rain of tomorrow would guide her now.