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I would like to wish all the mothers a happy Mother’s Day!

Given the occasion, I wanted to make this post a tribute to how amazing mothers are. It is because of you that we can all be the best people we can be. You let us stumble and fall, but you are always there to guide us along the way. Everything that happens is always for the best. You look back proudly on each of our achievements and say “Damn, I did good.”
Thank you mothers for everything you do.

Today’s poem is a loving tribute to motherhood:


Mommy dearest

Singing so sweetly

Lead me into the folds

Of an enchanting tomorrow

Let me go

To the uncharted road

A compass rose

Pointing to life’s unfaltering cycle

So far I stumble

So far I fall

Catch me now

Don’t let me break

Have I lost my way?

What is in it for today?

Mother can you hear me?

What am I to do?

Sweet child

I’m right here

Please let me make

The hurt disappear

The world starts with you

Go forth and win

The splendor of life

Bounty untold

I can see

Yesterday’s reasons

A most rapturous opera

Of misguided plans

The finished melody

A man fully grown

Look at me now

So far away from home