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Hi all 🙂

Today as I was driving around, I had a strange thought. What is it like for a discarded shopping cart, sitting idly by the road: washed away by the rain or blazing alone in the afternoon sun? Is it destined to die a lonely death, or be saved by a kind and gentle soul?
What must it feel like to be discarded in such a way?

It saddens me to think that people out there are suffering such a fate. Today’s short story is an attempt at understanding this feeling…



The sadistic eyes of society smiles tonight, claiming its latest victim

The discarded girl, wretched and chained

Singing her last lullaby

Look this way

The mourning song

Come smile with me

It won’t be long

“For this is the fate of the forsaken…” She sighed.

There she sat, curled up in a ball: a spectacle for all to see. Rocks, trash, and cruelty were hurled at her like a spear.

“What are they going to do with her?”

“I heard she will be publicly executed on the morrow.”

“Tsk. Poor fool. She could have escaped, you know.”

Her dark purple eyes glared at the dusk ahead. Her lonely soul pined for its comfort, an escape from the world of endless agony.

No sleep would come, just endless torment; waiting for the moment her end would come.

“You. Get up.” A fat man in a police uniform stood watch, unfaltering. Any slight movement would not go unnoticed.

She stood up trembling. The man yanked her hand, pulling her forward.

“It’s your turn. Time to face death.” The man growled in her ear. He led her forward, down the eternal hallway.

The endless footsteps hastened the beating of her heart; it was  the sinister drumming of the grim reaper’s ascent.

The light that came forth threatened to blind her. At this point, it was only an unwelcome visitor in the world of darkness.

Before her stood a crowd of spectators, eager to see her downfall.

“Kill the witch! Make her suffer!”

“Quiet!” The judge shouted. In his hands was an hourglass, the sands close to empty.

“Even time is not with me.” The girl shrugged.

“You!” He pointed at her with a bony finger. “You know very well why you are here.”

“I am here because I tried to live.” She whispered.

“By stealing food from the rest of us?” He shouted.


“Lazy beggar!”

“Work for a living like the rest of us!”

“Silence!” The frenzied crowd struggled to fight their forced quietness.

He cleared his throat. “What did you hope to accomplish?”

“I am dying. You cruel, heartless monsters won’t even let me eat.” She spat on the ground.

“You have to WORK for it, girl. Your kind does nothing but leech off the rest of us.”

“And YOUR kind does nothing but marginalize the poor.” She shook violently with anger, rattling the chains that bound her.

“That’s right, you filthy street rat. What are you going to do about it?”

“You’d better pray that I don’t get out of these chains.” She yelled.

“Guards! You know what to do.” Five men armed with guns lunged at her.

“Death by firing squad!” The judge ordered.

She tried desperately to break free, but to no avail. Two men grabbed her arms.

“Gotcha.” The remaining guards took shots at her.

“For this is the fate of the forsaken…” The discordant reality before her blurred, and she fell into a most welcome death.

The crowd cheered, welcoming the execution of the lowly girl who tried to live.