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Hi all 🙂

I have read a lot of blog posts mentioning music lately. Whether it was the author’s favorite song, or inspiring videos, it got me thinking…
Music is such a good mood lifter and influences millions of people. What would the world be like without it? It saddens me to think that in schools, music programs are being cut out due to money problems, being slashed for the sake of math and science. Music is a tool to help us grow and dream. Without it, I feel the world is a very dark place indeed.

Today’s story is a reflection of what I think such a world would be like:

Dear Diary,

I can’t believe I’m still writing “Dear Diary”. It’s not like anyone else is reading this.

It’s been twenty days since the music died. Gone. Poof. Never to return.

Our people are turning into machines. Motionless; unthinking, unfeeling. The army of the black world around us.

It’s not safe to venture outside anymore, or else they will find out I am free.

The deafening march of the soulless mob threatens to convert me even now.

My only hope prevention from going insane (who am I kidding?) lies in this: my writing.

It is up to me to bring the music back. I can’t wait any longer.

Either way, I will die. The price of doing nothing is high. I must go forth, for the sake of everything.


Miranda frantically looked around her. With a sigh of relief, she put down her pen.  She was safe for now. Her home would not be searched for another few hours.

“Time to brighten the mood a little.” She began humming cheerfully as the black and white walls around her sprang to life. She was dancing to the tune, her complexion noticeably brighter.

The intense blend of colors threatened the cold world outside. No longer could the harsh gravity of the situation harm her; her melodies were the strongest weapon. She laughed until tears fell down her cheeks. The warmth enveloped her like a blanket.

“Boss, you’d better come look at this!” The man held out an orb in front of him. Inside was all black, with the exception of one small spec of color. His boss squinted, taking a close look.

“Zoom in on that, would ya?” The man tapped the orb, and the color came into focus. A woman was dancing without a care in the world, and the blue house shone with an intense radiance.

“Son of a—Sawyer, send your men over there, now!”

“Yes sir!”

“You heard the Boss! Get on it!”

“Right away, sir!” Thirty men scurried towards the exit, intent on eliminating every last shred of surviving color. Such hope was a threat, and would not be tolerated.

The Boss walked over and placed his hand on Sawyer’s shoulder.

“Sawyer, I knew you were the right man for this job.”

“Thanks Boss.”

“With The Dreamweaver on our side, our mission is one step closer to completion.” The Boss rubbed his hands together and grinned.

“Looking forward to it, Boss.”

The Boss patted Sawyer’s shoulder before walking away.

“Miranda, my love, I’m sorry.” Sawyer whispered when the Boss was out of hearing range.

“I’m so sorry for everything.” His tears hit the orb as it swirled a dusky black. He watched from afar as the men demolished the shining blue house and seized Miranda. She stood atop a pile of black rubble, clutching something to her chest. The men attempted to take it away, but could not. They violently grabbed her arms as she struggled to get away. One man tied her up with a rope before shoving her into the back of the truck. Another man grabbed what appeared to be a diary and threw it into the rubble before setting it on fire. They drove off, leaving no trace of color behind.

Sawyer wished desperately that he could go back to the old days of stroking her hair and kissing her softly on the neck. Her touch, her feel, her essence is what he needed now.

He quietly hummed a haunting melody, marred by sorrow and crushed happiness.


Take away

My sanity

As the world

Is torn from me


My baby

Come back to life

As the chaos

Gives way to strife


The choking blackness poured out of the orb, absorbing into everything nearby. It quickly began oozing, infecting the air and clouds.

The Boss sat at a desk, working through various documents. He held a photo of Sawyer and Miranda.

“The perfect man for the job… Even now the air is choking to death.” He cackled as he looked out the window.

“As long as she is my hostage, he will never see happiness again.” He stood up and stretched. “This is going to be good.”

“Get up!” Miranda looked up to see several men approaching her. One of them grabbed her wrist as dragged her forward. A large, grey airplane loomed overhead.

“You’d better close your eyes, girl.” She did so and felt herself floating. She shivered at this terrifying new sensation. The cold of the thick, black air threatened to completely numb her.

The man shoved her to the ground. She opened her eyes now to see a new face staring at her. This man had a black robe on, and a large scar on his cheek.

“Welcome, Miranda. I’ve been dying to meet you.” He rubbed his hands together.

“We got her Boss, just like you said.” The men responded in unison.

“Thanks boys, you’re free to go.” They scurried off in different directions.

“As for you…” He dragged her to her feet before grabbing her by the neck. “You think you can bring color back into MY world?”

“Must… try…”

“Hah! Try all you like. When I’m done you won’t even remember what color is, girl.”

The Boss took out a small needle and shoved it into the back of her skull. She fell to the floor and cried out in pain. A grey cloud surrounded her, and her features began changing.

“Miranda!” Sawyer ran out and held her. “I caused all this. But now I will fix it. I will bring the music back.”

Miranda hugged him. “I know you will… This isn’t your fault, my love.”

“Get out of my way, Dreamweaver. Her transformation is under way.”

Sawyer took the orb and threw it at him. It shattered and each shard of glass tore at the Boss, rendering him powerless.

“Did you really I was on your side?” Sawyer laughed. “The dark feelings in my heart clouded my path. I caused all this. You thought my feelings for Miranda would lead me to ruin. You have brought her back to me. I can see clearly now, and I will stop you.” He looked over at Miranda. “Join me, my dear.”

The darkest night

Gave way to the light

Forever more

Settling the final score


Now I can see

The path in front of me

Restoring my love

And the clouds above

The Boss shrieked in pain. “You haven’t won, Sawyer. I will be back when you least expect it!” The Boss gave a sinister laugh as the orb reformed, enclosing his black essence within. Sawyer walked over and picked it up.

The grey cloud around Miranda dissipated, and her bright complexion was restored.

“My love. I knew you would come back for me.”

“Yes, my dear. I couldn’t leave the light of my life behind.”

“We have to bring the music back.”

Sawyer nodded as the orb swirled a vivid pink. He threw it out into the air and the pristine blue skies and white clouds returned. The dark houses were reborn, and now stood proud and defiant. The trees, water, and roads showed new signs of life. The people cheered from below, thanking their saviors for the new gift.

“It’s back to normal now.” Miranda smiled.

“Yes Miranda, it is.” Sawyer pulled her closer and kissed her.

“Let’s dance.” Sawyer whirled Miranda around. She began humming a tune and they danced well into the dawn.