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Unfortunately I have nothing insightful I want to say today 😦

I felt the need to write a random and slightly angry story, which I think will speak for itself:


The miasma of his being invaded the room, hanging around like a stubborn fly on the wall. I didn’t ask him to stay. His soul was forever fused into mine, leaving a jagged scar behind. Every tear shed, every angry rant, was his twisted revenge. I could not leave, for he would always find the way back.

The sunshine outside filled my mind with a loving warmth. The back of my mind squirmed unpleasantly at this new sensation.

Yea. Keep smiling, darling. Each beam of light is one step closer to your demise.

“Ahh, sunshine!” I took a deep breath as the rays lovingly caressed my cheeks. He wouldn’t dare disturb me in my sanctuary.

Don’t be so sure of that. One slip and I will end you.

My skin began to smolder as the heat betrayed me. My body began to burn, assaulted by the light that once protected me. I ran inside, desperate for an escape.

How does it feel to be stricken by the ones you love?

“I don’t love you… you fiend…” I growled. “You… hurt me…” I bathed myself in water, desperate to stop the pain from consuming me.

Ha! You can’t erase the damage I inflicted. But it’s fun to see you try.

“I…hate you…” I collapsed, unable to stand up anymore. I felt him reaching out, covering my body with a strange black substance. It gently touched all my burns, leaving them healed.

“It’s nice to be back.” He laughed, now in control.

You coward. It’s not nice to attack an unsuspecting lady.

“This isn’t about being nice, darling. It’s about survival. Get used to it.”

When will you learn? Your tricks will never defeat me.

“I should have just ended you to save us both the trouble.”

If I die, then so will you. Anything you do to hurt me will only hurt you in return.

“You think I don’t know that, woman?”

The blackness appeared in his hands, infecting everything around him. I could feel it creeping up his arms and into his head. It threatened to turn me and loosen my grip on his mind.

Did you forget? I know your weakness.

“I have no weaknesses, unlike you. I am perfect, and will always control you in the end.”

The blackness grew until it filled the entire room. I felt the immense pressure building. I struggled to remain, for I was only a small point of light in his sinister mind.

“This is it. The weapon of my rage. As long as it remains, you will never come back.”

I must act quickly.

I filled his body with happiness, combating the negative energy surrounding him. His screams filled the room as his body shriveled away.

“Don’t…forget…I will always remain!” He shouted.

“That was close!” I said, myself once again. The happiness lingered as the darkness faded away, for now.

For now.

“Nice try. You aren’t coming back any time soon.”

The remains of his energy evaporated away. He sat in my mind, quietly, plotting the next course of action.

I cannot die. I will always remain.

As much as I hated to agree with him, he was right. For my sake, he had to stay. Which meant I had to keep filling my mind with rainbows and daffodils.


“Too late!” I giggled and let the burst of color come into my thoughts.