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Looking into the horizon, is it so easy to see what tomorrow brings? Will it be a better version of today, or a tangled mess of yesterday?

Not so long ago, I hated what tomorrows brought. I always found reasons to hate every day and make the worst of it. There was no point of trying to make it better, because in the end the outcome would be the same. Or so I thought…

After meeting some awesome people, I realized that tomorrow doesn’t have to be the same. Every day is a new beginning to something extraordinary. Yesterday doesn’t matter anymore; it was merely a stepping stone to pave the way to our ultimate destiny.

So next time the sun rises or sets, take time to reflect on what the future will bring. Take comfort in everything that is good, and stay strong through the bad.

Today I have a comforting poem to share 🙂


Sing for the fallen

The luring creation

Of devoured lifelines

False salvation



Do you know

What is ahead?

Or simply locked

Into the slander

And blackened haze


Oh glorious sun

Why aren’t you

Coming inside

Light up

My frozen heart

To untold victories


At last

I see

The outstanding problem

It was only me



The inner guide’s voice

Dividing outcomes

Merged into truth



Walk free

Without the blinds

Or endless tragedy