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Have you ever felt there was a time when you felt that you are incomplete or scattered to the winds?

It may seem easier just to give up on life and remain this way. The glass that paves the pathways of our lives will always leave us with cuts or scars along the way.

Yes, life may be confusing or hard to deal with. However, it is up to all of us to find out what lies ahead; whether this means getting hurt or crushing the glass entirely. Failure is always the first step to success. There will always be a way and it will all turn out just fine in the end 🙂

Though we may move far (or not) in our lives, there is always light to be found:

Lena nervously clutched her teddy bear. Its cold black eyes offered her no comfort in the coming days ahead. The warm sun and sand between her toes were now a distant memory. As the car bumped along the road, her heart felt like it was going to break. She would never see her friends again; they were now faded realities of happiness.

“You are going to love it, Lena!” Her father ruffled her hair and gave her a pat on the head.

“Oh Lena, everything will turn out just fine.” Her mother gave her a hug.

“They don’t care. They just don’t care.” Lena thought as she struggled to hold back her sadness. She sat silently as the knife cut deeper into her heart. She never wanted any of this. Why then was she subjected to this torment? In the world of adults, children were just dragged along for the ride. She buried her face into the teddy bear’s fur, now worn and stained with tears. An eternity passed in this manner of solitude. No warm words would ever comfort Lena again.

“Lena, we’re here!” Her parents echoed in unison.

Before Lena was a cabin surrounded by woods. There were no houses or people to be seen for miles. A sparkling blue lake shimmered brilliantly in the sun.

Lena didn’t move, paralyzed by uncertainty. Her mother stood by her side and offered Lena her hand.

“Come on Lena, don’t you want to see?”

“NO! I want to go home!” Lena cried.

“Sweetheart, this is home now.”

“I want to go home!”

Lena was picked up by her mother, who carried her inside their new abode.

“Poor Lena. I know how hard this is going to be on her.” Her father sighed. “But it’s for the best.”

Her mother nodded solemnly as she placed Lena into her bed. Lena slept quietly now, marred by tear streaks and worn out from the long journey.

“Sleep well…” Her mother slowly closed the bedroom door.

Lena now felt herself embraced by loving warmth as she walked out into the woods. She sat by the lake, taking in its calm brilliance.

“Welcome home, Lena.” A woman’s voice whispered.

“Who are you? This isn’t my home!” Lena shouted as she frantically looked around.

“It is now, my dear.” An old woman walked towards Lena.

“But why? Why did we have to leave?”

“They were worried about your safety, Lena. This cabin is a sanctuary, a haven free from worry or violence.”

“But who are you?”

“Call me Nana. I am the guardian of this place. It is my job to watch over it and keep you safe.”  Nana sat down next to Lena.

“I want to go back. I want to see my friends again.”

“In time Lena. For now, you must stay here.” Nana pointed at the lake.

“I am always here, watching and listening. Every time you feel hurt or confused, Nana will be here.”

Lena leaned over to give Nana a hug.

“Don’t forget, child.” Nana disappeared and Lena looked at the horizon ahead.

“This is home…” She whispered. Somehow saying it didn’t feel so bad now. The lake made her feel safe, and she knew Nana was always here.

Lena awoke in her bed, her parents standing watch over her.

“Thank goodness you woke up, Lena! We were so worried about you. It’s almost noon now!” Her mother gave Lena a kiss on the cheek.

Lena grabbed her teddy bear and starting walking outside.

“Where are you going, Lena?”

“Out.” Lena strode towards the lake, now carefree and refreshed.

The lake looked more ravishing today. It looked like an artist’s palette: oranges, yellows, and blues reflected on the water’s surface. The orange sun burned fiercely in the sky.

“Nana!” Lena smiled, for this must have been her doing. She tightly hugged the teddy bear.

“We’re home now. Don’t you see?” She held the teddy bear towards the array of colors. “Everything will be okay, I promise.”

“Wow Lena! How beautiful!” Her father exclaimed before placing his hand on Lena’s shoulder.

“Thanks Nana.” Lena whispered. She gave her father a hug.