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Something about this song instills so much emotion in me. At first listen, one might assume it is just another song about death and destruction. However, the message is much deeper than that.

Though this world is often so grim, there is a healing process in leaving behind the blackness of negativity. Though we have all struggled through tough times, the light within never diminishes. After being free from the burden of restrictions, we can finally move forward. The ashes of our old selves are then left to scatter to the winds , never again tormenting us. The cleansing fires of life will always guide us forward in our new paths.

I leave you all now with a short poem which speaks to this healing ūüôā

Blackened haze
So many solitudes
sorrow’s haven
Seeking the taste
O sweet surrender

Midnight melting
Dawn’s last revenge
Sear the night

The soul’s shedding
Of yesterday’s bones

A simple requiem
the smoke has risen
Breathe in
her furious lies

Out damn you
I won’t let you
Kill me inside
and burn my sacred skin

At last
the morning comes
embracing embers
lick my feet below

Free from the black
Free from the night
Starting over
After this vicious fight