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Don’t you hate those kinds of days where no matter how much you try, nothing goes well? You may show kindness and enthusiasm, but that one person is rude and nasty to you in return. All it takes is that one comment to ruin a day.

It seems that life is always a constant battle. We all have to decide: Is it worth it to stand up and fight? Or let them defeat us and wear us down? At what point can we stop worrying about the negativity and focus on the light?

I believe that each day is affected by the words you tell yourself when waking up. So many times, people have a bad day because they tell themselves as such.

Today’s story focuses on this fragile balance between happiness and sadness:

The dawn. A new day and a new beginning. Normally, a clean slate is all I would need to suppress the phantoms of the past.

Waking up with a yawn, I stretched, releasing the fatigue from my muscles. The angry red numbers on the alarm clock reminded me that it is time to get up and start the day.

What day? Why do I have to wake up and start the same cycle of yesterday’s misery all over again? Can’t I just relax in this one moment of sleep?

The can of worms was opened. Nothing could stop the phantoms from returning and stealing my thoughts.

This day is going to be terrible. I just know it. Nothing I do will end well. Everyone hates me and doesn’t listen to me. Why do I always think that it will ever turn out differently?

The unerring waves of dawn shone ever so brilliantly on me, trying to rouse me from this trance.

“Come on, it’s time to wake up!” My tormentors called to me. Cursing the unreachable light in the sky, I stood. The door to the waking reality was opened, and I stepped into the dark day ahead of me.