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So many times, we are quick to hesitate or withdraw when presented with life’s many challenges. We may make excuses as to why we should stay put and be content with where we are. Faced with change, we run; we hide, we flee from responsibility.

But what is the point of that? Is it really that much fun to stay stagnant? The only way to move forward is to step outside of what is comfortable. Even if we are strong already, facing new challenges can only make us stronger. We may find the answers we seek and begin life anew 🙂

I always tell myself that hesitation means death. Don’t let life’s setbacks stop you in your tracks. Move forward with your head held high 🙂

Today’s short story is based on a recent experience of mine:

“I want to ride a bike!” I declared as I walked out into the steadily falling rain.

I could hear the disapproval from across the room.

“It’s pouring rain out! Why are you doing this now?”My father yelled behind me.

“Because I must. I am determined.” The door slammed, drowning out the criticism of my everyday life.

Walking into the ancient crypts of my garage, I found it. The shiny green bicycle, dormant for several years. My heart leaped, for I was moments away from freedom.

I dusted off an old helmet a few sizes too small and placed it gently on my head.

“How do people wear these things?” I grumbled.

“Let me see.” My father walked in, wrench and hammer in hand.

“Dad, it’s fine. Just let me ride please.”

“No, it has to be proper.” He took the bike and inspected every inch.

“You know I’m missing my baseball game for this.” He lamented as he tried to move the seat. The deafening noise of the hammer did not distract me from my mission. I fidgeted impatiently, hoping I would have my moment.  He took it and moved it back into the rain. I smiled as the rain hit my cheeks. I felt at once completely calm. Even the skies were with me today.

“Alright. Be careful.” My father went back inside, watching from afar. I sat on the bike and wobbled along, rusty from years of inexperience. I rode around the circle of my driveway, laughing and smiling all the way. I was finally doing it! I felt lighter than air, free from all burdens of life. Nothing could stop me now, not even the weather.