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Hi everyone 🙂 Just a short note before I begin my post. I will be away on vacation this week. If anyone leaves me a comment or e-mail and I don’t respond right away, please don’t freak out. I will answer them as soon as I get back.

Which leads me to why summer is so great. Not only does summer mean warm weather, but it also brings lots of inner warmth. It is a time to enjoy the finer things in life 🙂

As July 4th approaches in the U.S., I can’t help but feel excited. Camping out, talking around the campfire, eating those gooey smores… and not to mention the fireworks. Such moments of bliss that bring people ever so closer together. In these times, all the worries and anxieties one may have seem so trivial. Memories of love fill the empty spaces inside, meant to be cherished forever more.

This week, take the time to enjoy yourself. Even if it is just a normal week for you, relax and focus on those little moments. Give your friends and family a hug. Fill your days with lots of light.

I leave you all now with a short summery poem:

Euphoria’s glimmer

New Paradise blossoms

Parade of expectations

Floating out the window


Ever sweet singing

Life forged bonds

Love arisen

In orange twilight


My sweetness

Don’t disappear

Forever isn’t enough

To erase tomorrow


Warm chocolate kisses

Of the marshmallow’s embrace

Only in campfire heaven

Melting ecstasy


Oh lady night

Bless us all

with your lunar delight!