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Pets are truly wonderful creatures. When our darkest hours come knocking, their unconditional love comes to the rescue. They don’t care if you just lost your job or if you walked away from your spouse. When they see you, they come running in such joy.

In times like these, our beloved pets remind us to focus on the good. They make us laugh, play, and forget about the world for a moment. After all, the sun will rise again and our pets will be with us every step of the way.

Though their time with us may be short, they leave such an impact on our lives, never to be forgotten. If you have a pet, make sure to tell them how much you love them. Cherish every precious moment with them, the good and the bad.

Today’s short story is about this healing power of a pet ūüôā

A young girl sat up in her bed, clutching a picture close to her chest. It was her crayoned fantasy: A happy family with two smiling parents, two children, and a dog. The majestic red house stood as a bastion of this family’s success.

She curled now into a ball, her weak body wracked by constant coughing. All she wanted to do was get better, but even that wouldn’t happen.

“Perhaps this is my destiny. To lay here and rot for eternity.” She sighed. What little sunlight there was left did nothing to brighten her mood. There was just no getting out of this room. It was just too risky.

“Gods, if you can hear me, please just relieve me of this contagion.” She knew her prayer would not be answered, but it was worth a shot.

A thick, red bottle of medicine sat idly by her bed.

“Useless. Absolutely useless!” It hit the nearest wall with a bang, now a product of her undying rage. Her room was now covered with red, but she didn’t care. She turned on her side and tried to sleep.

“Good night, I guess.” She said sarcastically to no one. She tossed and turned fitfully as sleep taunted her every move.

As she did so, she thought she felt another presence approaching.

“It’s all in your head. I really DO need more sleep.” She laughed weakly.

Small footsteps went gingerly up the stairs, and she had to strain her ears to hear it. A small child, perhaps?

“Who’s there? What do you want?” She shouted. The sound of her anger was harsh and grating.

A large, golden dog walked softly into the room. It walked close to her and wagged its tail.

“How did a dog end up in here?” She looked over at the door to see that it had been pushed open just enough for the dog to enter.

For reasons she could not explain, this dog felt comforting. She reached over to pet it, and it smiled sweetly in return. Tears formed in her eyes.

“Ugh, not now.” She tried to fight it, but it was no use. She began sobbing, and the dog licked her face. A new coolness permeated the air. It was a nice relief to the constant heat that her contagion brought.

“I love you. Please don’t leave me.” She whispered. The dog licked her face once again. Sleep gripped her body now, and the dog sat down to guard her. She prayed that this angel would be here tomorrow.