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This week, Sreejit Poole over at The Seeker’s Dungeon issued a weekly writing prompt: “Write a poem, story, or share a photo that depicts chaos.”

Chaos: one simple word, yet it has so many meanings. Disorder is always something most feared by everyone. When life doesn’t go as planned, most of us want to scream. In these moments, we always wish we had someone to talk to. What if that person isn’t there? The burden is yours alone. Left alone to drown in sorrow, withdrawing sounds like the only solution. That tempting mistress of addiction sets in, severing our souls from the reality of pain. People are no longer a concern, as they seek only to undo this new found release. Happiness seems so distant and reserved for those without problems. “What hope is there?” One might ask.

With that in mind, I present a poem delving further into this conundrum:

Glassy spirit

Tempered mind

Seeking for that

Which it cannot find


Oh harmony

Why so distant?

My broken spirit

Is all too insistent


Hymns of sorrow

come back to me

Fill my heart

with everlasting misery


Goodbye my lover

My only friend

It seems without you

I have met my end


The shattering

Was lying in wait

From her steely mistress

My darkest fate


Red paradise

take me away

into a world

of fragility and decay