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Hi everyone! 🙂 I apologize for the lack of a post lately. Life caught up to me, and I have been so busy and/or stressed that I have had no time or energy to post anything.

Today’s post is inspired by another one of Sreejit Poole’s writing prompts. This week’s prompt asks:

“Write a poem, story, or share a photo that shows the dynamic of faith, tolerance, and appreciation.”

Today I will focus on what it means to be appreciative. It is so simple a concept and something we all claim to do, but do we really? When is the last time you took a step back and counted all your blessings?

In the constant stream of life, it is so easy for minute details to pass one by. We get so caught up in the noise and uncertainty that the light of serenity and peace is nowhere to be found. Instead of focusing on the fact that you are stuck in traffic, why not appreciate the fact that you have a vehicle and are able to drive it? Each human life is so short and fragile that it isn’t worth all that frustration.

Wake up with a smile on your face and a song in your heart. Even if your morning doesn’t go as planned, focus on the good. Appreciate that life is going on all around you, and the goodness in your life is making it possible.

I leave you all now with a poem attempting to show this transition from the negative to the positive:

Wishing wells

The lies that never sell

A hollowed out eternity

in transitioning uncertainty


Torture for your pleasure

Never living up to your measure

Fracture other meaning

Why is my heart still beating?


The forgotten one’s trap

My soul in a wrap

Have fun in my pit

Where forever you will sit


Only the sun

Devoid of any fun

Will remain here

This entrapment of fear


Blinded by years

and the constant tears

I can now see

What’s right in front of me


That which is meant to be

The serenity

Which will set me free.