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As Labor Day weekend approaches here in the U.S., a lot of people will be partying away the last days of summer. Picnics, beer, and food will be plentiful and we will take the time to lament that the autumn months are upon us. Also, isn’t it ironic that we do this to celebrate a day called LABOR day?

While most would value the company of family and friends, some would instead put on a different mask that conceals themselves in front of these people.

“They wouldn’t like the real me,” they might think. “I’m just not good enough to them.”

Afraid to face the truth and themselves, they go on faking happiness. Like a phantom, they go on living without truly being alive with no place to call their own.

What is really on the other side of that mask? It is so dark that others dare not see? Or is it a shining gem of brilliance that cries to be polished?

If someone hates you for revealing this hidden essence of yourself, then they are not a good friend. The truth is meant to be shared.

This weekend, may you all be warm and happy. Share it with others, and celebrate the last bits of summer together. Eat, drink, and be merry!

I have a poem that reminds us why it is best not to hide our true selves:


For your eyes

The only outcome

is my demise


Being like you

Is some kind of awesome

have fun alone

in your dying home


An enveloping shell

Protecting me from hell

To you

Nothing is unwell


Drown me in the black

Giving me what I lack

Out of reach

Are the lessons that you teach


The white remains

free of your stain

Leave me to shine

for the truth is simply divine