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Hello everyone 🙂 I have been so busy lately and haven’t been able to update this blog as frequently as I would like… Sorry about that.

Today’s post is inspired by this writing prompt, courtesy of Sreejit Poole.

In life, such a contrast exists in just about everything: good and evil, light and darkness, truth and lies, men and women.

So what if these comparisons did not exist? The world would only have one person with one belief and one path. Second by second, this person would fall away into decay. There would be nothing left. What is the fun in that?

Like a parasite, these comparisons cling to each other: standing alone but unable to survive without the other.

With these lessons in mind, each soul sets out to make a difference. Their difference, whatever that may be. Embracing the blend of so much, they feel full; enriched with the fact that they are complete, regardless of which path they have chosen.

I will end now with a poem:

Reckless scorn

A battle unborn

Wretched untrust

The darkening rust


Spineless demons

Of unearthly black

Poised and waiting

For an unholy attack


Thus hides the white

So far from sight

Enveloped by night

Nothing but fright


Summon now

The burning candle

Taking away

What you can’t handle


Step forward

From the abyss

Beautiful light

Your lovely kiss