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Why is it that humanity struggles for perfection which they feel they cannot achieve? Is there even such a thing as being perfect?

For me, there is nothing worse than hearing: “You have to live this way. MY way is the best way and you should listen to me!” People who say that must be very miserable.

Perfection is never one single outcome. Just look around at how many different cultures, countries, and lifestyles there are in the world. Surely a lot of these people didn’t stop to think that their lifestyle trumps that of everyone else. Through so much trial and error, they found peace. Peace with their life, their personality, and even their own flaws. The world starts with you. If you feel peace, it will spread to those around you.

It is our imperfections that make us perfect. Regardless of the pathways our lives take, we each end up achieving our highest calling, whatever that may be. If we were not who we are, then it wouldn’t end up this way. We would all be lost people straying from our destiny.

In the end, through the good and the bad we march forth, stronger than before, and we continue to persist, each and every day. Is this not perfect?

Now I will leave you all with a short poem, describing the simple perfection of everyday things ūüôā


Coffee pot

Parking lot

Ushered through

Or fully stopped?


Kicking back

Losing track

Pillowed bed

Embracing my head


Purple skies

Endless lullabies

Sing to me, mother

Don’t leave me, brother


Graceful feather

dancing with the weather

Blow me away

To the other side of grey


Soulful Rainbow

Moonlight glow

Shine on me now

Your disciple below