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Many people are so quick to bash our online interactions as “fake”. Or they may say “Go outside and interact with real people.” Do they realize that the one sitting behind the computer typing is a person?

Then the feelings of guilt might set in. You could be thinking of all the fun times you might be having with a girlfriend/boyfriend you don’t have. Or the fun times you could be spending at the bar getting drunk with your buddies after work.

There are many purposes of the internet, but one of them is to connect with others. “Well, these aren’t real connections.” One might say. “Finding love/friendship online is stupid and doesn’t replace real relationships.”

Not only is that false, but very ignorant. In a world that focuses on the individual and his/her success, we are drifting farther apart than ever before. No longer are all of us focused on helping out our fellow brothers and sisters. People are much more focused on their own success and how much money they make.

It isn’t worth the energy to lament over what you don’t have. As someone who struggles with social anxiety, going out and making friends is the equivalent of asking me to climb the tallest mountain. I would be lying if I said this doesn’t bother me from time to time. However, I am not sorry for being this way. I shouldn’t have to apologize to anyone. The internet has helped me to realize one thing: I am not alone. There are others out there who can relate to me. The people I connected with over the internet have changed my life for the better and made me a better person. They make me laugh, smile, and cry. And this is most definitely NOT fake.

So no, the internet does not belong to the trolls. There are kind people in the world, and the internet is living proof of that.

To end, I will post a short poem.


Magnetic prose

Misguided woes

Miserably quiet

Go on and try it


Fateful click

Immersed so quick

In worlds away

Come on and stay


Shattered light

Cursed blight

Where is the spring

Such welcome it would bring


Sprout and grow

Each little woe

So far below

Everything I know


Gentle ear

Safe from fear

Give me your hand

There is another land


Settle now

Into our vow

Our love isn’t fake

Our emotions they shall not take


(This post was inspired by this writing prompt).