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Unfortunately, there are many times when the sacred refuge we call our home is not such a safe or happy place anymore. The constant presence of negativity or noise drowns out any thoughts of happiness or success. So much stress arises that it seems impossible to remain unaffected by it all.

Isn’t it ironic that in these situations, the best side of us emerges?

In my life, I have found two different scenarios to be true:
-Sometimes, the lack of any noise is the best solution.
-Sometimes, immersing myself in noise is the best solution.

I will look at the first scenario first. I have carried so much anger and uncertainty due to living in a household like the one described above. I hated everything, and my own thoughts became my greatest enemy. Even when all was still, the words wouldn’t stop.

This is why the quiet is so essential. In these silent moments, we can breathe. We can be free. We can heal. Close your eyes and let the light flood in. Breathe in, breathe out. Let all that poison go. In this world without words, anger has no power. Shake it off and move forward positively.

Now the second scenario. “How can total noise be the best solution?” You might ask.
Never underestimate the power of music. Listening to your favorite song and singing along is a great emotional release. You can ever get up and start dancing if you want. Start being as silly as you want, because no one else is watching. In this moment of musical magic, it is hard for other thoughts to cross one’s mind. Whatever you are suffering through, you are not alone. Words can set us free.

To conclude this post, I will include a short poem:

How is this free
When I can’t be?
Inside of me
Pathological uncertainty

Shake and rattle
Your venomous prattle
Get off of your saddle
And help me through this battle

Oh no, you can’t be alone
A comrade dying in her home
But no one will see
The hero she was meant to be

Free fall
Will you lose it all?
Escape the reaper’s call
Or hit the brick wall

Stepping stones
Barricaded with traffic cones
Walk around, my friend
Together we will reach the end.

(This post was based on this writing prompt.)