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Why is it that man is so enthralled with the idea of domination? For countless generations, man has enslaved everything he can get his hands on: animals, nature, and even other people.

Do they not realize that all things are created equal?

Stop and think about this: Every minute we sit, another tree has been cut down to make way for humans. No one cares about the fate of this tree, because it was merely in the way. Silently it weeps, aching for the return of it’s home.

Why can’t everyone just get along? Even now, men bicker and fight over the fact that they are superior because of a certain lifestyle or belief. “If you don’t live this way, you aren’t human!” They might say. “I’m better and smarter than you are, so listen to me!”

The truth is, we are all human. Those we enslave and control have feelings and emotions, even if they cannot express it. The trees and wildlife are working so tirelessly to help us breathe. That dog/cat you just saved from the pound licks your face in joy because it sees the best of you. Your best friend that always gives you the shoulder to lean on because they care. Everything and everyone has a role to play. We are all people, living life in the ways we know how. Isn’t this intricate network of life a testament to our strength as human beings?

I will end off with a poem:

Silent emerald tear

Shattering everything near

Cutting all that is dear

Breeding unjustified fear


Frayed leather belt

Crumble and melt

Under my awesome power

Withering by the hour


Wild child

Once so tempered and mild

Destroyed by a fist

Will she ever be missed?



New found respect

Suffocate the night

Expel all the fright


Join together

Now and forever

For we are one

Never to be undone


Orange sweat

Burn our regret

Our terrible shame

Only I am to blame.

(This post was based on this writing prompt.)