Dream Cloud Diaries

Hi all 🙂

Today as I was driving around, I had a strange thought. What is it like for a discarded shopping cart, sitting idly by the road: washed away by the rain or blazing alone in the afternoon sun? Is it destined to die a lonely death, or be saved by a kind and gentle soul?
What must it feel like to be discarded in such a way?

It saddens me to think that people out there are suffering such a fate. Today’s short story is an attempt at understanding this feeling…



The sadistic eyes of society smiles tonight, claiming its latest victim

The discarded girl, wretched and chained

Singing her last lullaby

Look this way

The mourning song

Come smile with me

It won’t be long

“For this is the fate of the forsaken…” She sighed.

There she sat, curled up in a ball: a…

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