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Lessons Learned From My Angel

Hi all 🙂

Given that Thanksgiving is approaching, I wanted to take this time to share something I am extremely thankful for.

I have grown up with my Angel for most of my life; I was a young lass when we brought her home in 2000. It didn’t take long for her to melt our hearts. For her entire life, she has been our princess, and we still spoil her rotten. After falling in love with her sweet nature and golden fur, I gave her the name Angel.

Fast forward to October 2013. We were shocked to learn that she had a small lump on her side, which was growing by the day. Questions swirled in our minds: Is this cancer? Would she have to be put down?

My anxiety gripped me, and panic set in at the thought of never seeing my Angel again. Thoughts of the worst set in: I questioned if I was good to her, though I told myself that I wasn’t.

Several vet visits and one surgery later, my Angel made it through. She continues to get better every day. The tumor in question was not cancerous.

Through the journey of being with her, I have learned several important lessons:

-Though our loved ones may be here now, they may be gone tomorrow. Don’t take them for granted.

-Patience! If you have a difficult child or an unruly family member, be patient with them. They may be going through a tough time and just need someone to listen.

-Have faith that things will get better. The human spirit has prevailed through the worst of traumas and disasters, and everything will always turn out for the best!

-Love and laughter! If you are feeling down or depressed, don’t get discouraged. Remember that you are loved and don’t deserve to feel this way. Laughing lets out all the stress and allows you to heal.

-Finally, always be thankful for the blessings in your life. If we always see what is wrong and not what is right, then we miss the small, magical moments that make life worth living.

Words cannot express how grateful I am for her survival. Now, I no longer take my Angel for granted, and try my best to make her happy and comfortable.

That’s all from me. I hope everyone in the U.S. has a safe and happy Thanksgiving next week! 🙂

(This photo and post are copyrighted to me. You may NOT steal them.)