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Hi everyone ūüôā

Day 2 of my kindness challenge proved to be very emotional.

It didn’t get off to a good start: It was cold and rainy all day. However, that did not discourage me from fulfilling my act of kindness.

I decided to stop at my local grocery store to buy a bouquet of flowers. This turned out to be a bad idea; everyone went to make their last minute Thanksgiving preparations. So I purchased the most colorful bouquet I could find and went quickly on my way to avoid the growing crowd.

Now onto my act of kindness. I drove to the most silent of all places: the graveyard where my grandfather was buried. It has been some time since I last visited his grave, and I didn’t want him to be alone during the holidays.

Before I continue, I want to share a little bit about him. He passed away when I was only 3 years old, so my memories of him are few. Though I barely knew him, I have always had the feeling that he has been watching over my entire family. Sometimes I get the feeling he is smiling at all of us from beyond.

I stood at his grave and silently wept. I wanted him to know that he is still loved and being remembered. As I stood, I noticed a large statue of Jesus in the distance. At this moment, I knew that both my grandfather and I are always loved. We are always being watched over.

So on this Thanksgiving Day, I hope everyone is safe and happy. Let your loved ones know how much you care for them, and don’t be afraid to give them lots of hugs!