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Hi everyone! I hope everyone had an awesome day yesterday! ūüôā

To be honest, I was a little disappointed in myself yesterday. I was not feeling the greatest, and I felt like I was ruining everyone’s fun.

My family spent Thanksgiving at my Grandpa’s house, and there was enough food, alcohol, and pie to feed an army. We spent the entire day here, and many fun times were had.

Looking back, I felt like I was not kind on this day. I was so out of it that I had to lye down for a while. I didn’t want to intrude on the fun.

However, a thought came to me on the way home:

We have to be kind to ourselves as well. I made a pie to bring over yesterday, and everyone who tried me told me “it’s out of this world” and “it’s to die for”. I will admit, I felt so much better after that. A reassuring feeling told me that I didn’t have to make that pie. After all, there was plenty of other pies. The fact that I went out of the way to make this pie for others to enjoy is it’s own act of kindness. Seeing my family full and happy with all the good food was more than enough.

So this day didn’t turn out as expected for my kindness challenge, but I did learn a valuable lesson: being kind to ourselves is vital. If we are not kind to ourselves, then we cannot be kind to others.