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Hi all 🙂

Today marks four days since I embarked on my kindness challenge. Day 4 turned out to be another disappointing day.

I wasn’t feeling well still and had no desire to venture out or do anything. My mind swirled with thoughts of all the kind deeds I should be doing for others but couldn’t.

With the missed opportunities came another lesson of being kind to myself. I kept trying to push myself. My body was telling me to rest and just forget about the papers I have to do for a day. But as usual, I wouldn’t listen. I pushed myself too hard. I had to force myself to stop and rest.

Based on the results of the past two days, I feel like I might be in over my head with this challenge. I will not stop trying though. Hopefully I will have better news to report within the coming days 🙂

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend!