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Hi everyone!

Day 5 of my kindness challenge was very humbling and I was close to tears.

The mounting stack of papers I had to do kept on taunting me yesterday. I had family over, but had no choice but to work on papers so I wouldn’t fall behind. That did not make me feel good at all. I found myself cranky and feeling miserable when I was finally done.

But last night, something unexpected happened.

I turned on my computer and logged into my favorite game, World of Warcraft. Because I was so stressed, I was just taking it easy and leveling one of my characters.

On Saturday nights, my guild leader (GM) likes to set up runs for old raids for fun, achievements, and just to farm the gear. After learning that I have been trying to farm a specific legendary item for a very long time, he brought me along in order to help me get closer to finishing it. (For those who don’t play WOW, legendary items are items that are very grueling and require you to gather many items. It usually takes several months to finish them. In my case, I stopped working on it for a long time, and haven’t had the courage to get a group together to finish it because leading raids is something I am not good at.)

My GM announced to everyone that he will be setting up these runs every week just for me to finish the questline. “Consider this to be a part of your birthday present” he told me during the run.

I just feel so humbled by this. I don’t even have sufficient words to describe the sheer amount of gratitude I felt at this act of kindness. WOW may be just a game, but this one small act meant a lot to me.

Going forward, I want to try and do the same for others in my kindness challenge. I want those I help to be happy and spread that same joy to others.