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Hi everyone!

Unfortunately, no opportunities arose for me to do any kind deeds yesterday ūüė¶

I will admit, I was disappointed. I felt that I was falling short of my original goal for this challenge.

I went to sleep last night feeling exhausted and let down. It was during this time that an interesting dream came to me…

I was playing a game of soccer. I only remember one detail of this soccer game: I ended up scoring a goal, and I was very excited. I put my hands in the air and yelled “Boom!”

Somehow, I think that dream was a sign that I am doing well, despite the setbacks I have had. I am still maintaining hope that I will do many more kind deeds before this challenge ends.

I will end this post with a positive message: smiling just makes everything so much better. If you are feeling downtrodden or depressed, put a smile on. All your worries will seem trivial.