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Hi all 🙂

Yesterday, a lesson I am constantly reminded of came back to hit me in the face. Apparently I am stubborn and terrible at learning lessons.

Yesterday, I came home from classes exhausted. I had the strong urge to rest and relax, but as usual, I did not listen. I forced myself to do my workout. Since I was so tired, I only made it about halfway through before I forced myself to stop.

I kept reminding myself of a paper I have due soon, and I told myself I should do some of it. I had no brainpower, and told myself resting is a better idea. At this point, I think I finally got the message.

I also did something else kind:

Thursday is my last day for some of my classes. In my Thursday morning class, we will be having a party. I signed up to bring something, but decided to go a step further: I decided to buy everyone chocolate chip cookies. Who doesn’t love cookies?

So I learned two things:

A. Cookies are amazing (especially chocolate chip cookies!) 🙂

B. I need to stop being so stubborn!

Overall, I was satisfied with how yesterday turned out. I hope I can say the same for tomorrow.