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Hi everyone 🙂

Day 11 of my challenge turned out to be a little exciting!

Though I stayed home all day, I made the most of it by hanging up Christmas decorations. The Christmas music I turned on helped put me in a cheerful mood.

This mood helped me to do a kind deed:

I just want to start off by saying: Isn’t it just fantastic when you give away something you don’t want or need?

That is exactly what happened to me yesterday. I had a sweater that was nice but did not fit me anymore. It took me a few moments to think about what to do with this sweater. Eventually, an idea hit me.

I told my grandmother about this sweater she asked to see it. After showing her, she fell in love with it. She was very excited and kept thanking me for the early Christmas present. She proudly wore it today and it was a perfect fit 🙂

I felt proud of myself. I wasn’t expecting any acts of kindness to arise out of a day spent at home. It seems I am learning new lessons everyday.