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Hi all! Day 12 turned out to be interesting.

I ended up not doing much all day; which ended up being fine because I have been stressing out and needed a break.

However, I still found an opportunity to do something kind!

One of my hobbies is finding cooking recipes online that I can make with ingredients I have.

Well, I found a pretty tasty burger recipe yesterday. I showed it off to everyone in my house, and most everyone said it sounded delicious. But, there was that one voice of criticism:

“Oh, it’s just one of your bizarre recipes again,” the voice said.

I didn’t listen to that voice. I cooked those burgers and everyone ended up loving them! Everyone was tired and extremely grateful that I took the initiative to cook dinner last night.

So I learned that it isn’t worth it to listen to the voices of criticism. Do what you love with no regrets! Not only do you make yourself happy, but everyone around you becomes happier as well!