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Hi everyone. I can’t believe I am halfway through my challenge already!

I thought yesterday was particularly magical. It was my birthday yesterday. Due to a snowstorm, I was forced to stay home. I spent a few hours shoveling the driveway by myself. It was grueling, but I got it done.

I kept fighting with myself: I felt like I should have done some more papers. My brother kindly reminded me that I should be relaxing on my birthday. So relax I did.

I received a ton of birthday wishes from people around the world via Pokemon X and via my World of Warcraft raid group. I felt so touched that people around the world would take the time to give me birthday wishes. I tried my best to thank everyone who did so.

There were also cards, presents, and a yummy chocolate cake involved 🙂 My family also cooked me a dinner of my choice. I offered to help with everything, but they wouldn’t let me.

I will admit, I felt selfish yesterday. I focused too much on myself and kind of forgot about my challenge. I am finding that it is hard to focus on being kind when I am stuck inside due to snow. Christmas is fast approaching, and I am especially feeling the need to live up to my challenge. Hopefully the next 15 days will bring good tidings 🙂