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Hello everyone!

Yesterday, I was treated to day of shopping with my mother. She hates shopping, so it was a rare opportunity.

I spent most of the day yesterday fighting fatigue. I did not get enough sleep and therefore was hesitant to do much of anything. My usual anxiety kicked in once again when I started thinking about the papers I have to do.

However. I got a birthday card from my grandmother yesterday that made me feel better. It said: “You sparkle inside and out!”

Do I really? I am still trying to figure that out. Honestly, I had hoped that this kindness challenge would help me to figure out how to be less selfish. However, I feel I have not accomplished this. I feel very grateful to have new clothes, but at the same time, I feel so selfish… I should be focused on others.

Perhaps I need to rethink this challenge and approach it in a less selfish way. There’s only 13 days until Christmas, and I am feeling the pressure.