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Hi all!

Yesterday proved to be very exhausting, but I fulfilled my act of kindness for the day 🙂

I had to go help my mom at her job. She works in a school cafeteria and prepares food for elementary school children. It turned out to be a trip down memory lane: I had gone to this school when I was a young child. Some of the teachers I had are still there. One such teacher gave me a bug hug and told me how proud she was of me. I was so touched.

So yesterday was spent chopping lettuce, preparing turkey sandwiches, and washing a seemingly endless wave of dishes. Teachers I had kept saying hello to me and told me how grown up I look.

When I got home I wanted to spend the rest of the day sleeping. I was so thrilled to have had the opportunity to help out and to see my old school again. I hope the chance to do this all again pops up in the future 🙂