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Hi everyone!

Day 20 mostly consisted of shoveling snow and worrying about papers… again.

Well, the shoveling wasn’t actually so bad. Our personal plow guy came to the rescue! He plowed a majority of our driveway so our work was cut by more than half!

Since my mother and brother already cleaned up the remainder of snow, I offered to clean off my brother’s car. So I stood there in the cold, wiping off his car with a brush. Since I am a perfectionist, I had to go over it several times before I felt it was satisfactory. Just when I thought my hands were about to freeze off from brushing off the remaining snow, my brother walked over and offered to finish the rest. I gladly agreed to let him finish.

I guess this didn’t really turn out to be a huge act of kindness, but I think I learned something from it: most ideas I have had for this challenge have been very grand ideas. Sometimes the greatest acts of kindness are the little things. In helping my brother, I helped him to be able to get to work. After I did this, I felt terrible for not being able to shovel and help more. But in the end, I did help. A lot. And I’m sure he was grateful for it. It turned out to be yet another lesson in being kind to myself.