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Hi all! Day 25 turned out to be a little scary!

It turned out to be another lesson in being kind to myself. Apparently lessons of self kindness don’t seem to stick.

I was doing my workout yesterday, which involved walking up and down stairs. I was holding on to the railing, but managed to slip. I didn’t fall very far since I was holding on, but I managed to get a few minor bruises on my leg. I forced myself to stop my workout after that.

I went into anxiety overload for the rest of the day. I told myself that I did a great job of stopping so I wouldn’t hurt myself further, but I felt like I failed. After my mother learned about all this, she scolded me: “One of these days, I’m worried that you’re going to fall down all the stairs.”

I felt like I didn’t accomplish a lot. My challenge is winding down and I haven’t actually gone out and done many kind deeds. I have to keep reminding myself that everything is as it should be. Perhaps I need to be kind to myself before I can be kind to others.