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Hi everyone! Hope you are all having a great Monday!

Yesterday’s act of kindness took a little courage, but I got it done!

On Day 5 of my challenge, I mentioned my GM in World of Warcraft who did something very kind for my birthday. I have been thinking of ways to repay him since. About a week ago, he announced that his computer “exploded” and that he would be absent for several weeks until he gets a new one.

Winter Veil (WOW’s version of Christmas) is going on right now, and I thought of the perfect thing to give him: a new companion pet that just came out this year. I have been trying every day to get it (you only have one chance per character per day to try for it).

Yesterday, I finally got one! I told myself that if I managed to get one, I would send it straight to my GM for him to see when he is able to next log on. I did just that.

He managed to log on yesterday using a different computer, and I told him I wanted to give it something. I didn’t tell him what it was, but I said it was a secret. He said he will next be able to log on Christmas Day. I hope this gift is a sufficient thank you present for the gift he gave me for my birthday.