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Hi everyone. I want to start off this post by asking a question: Why is everyone so angry? Why is it that no matter what we do, it is so difficult to get away from this anger?

My theory is that anger stems from inability; the inability to do something or the inability to stop something from happening. I get immensely angry whenever I hear the news: “These people are fighting,” “this person shot up a bank,” “a fire destroyed a home and killed eight people.” Whatever the case may be, it is always negative. I always jokingly say that they need to add pictures of puppies and unicorns to lighten it up a little, but alas.

How many people do you know that hate their job? They wish they could be doing something else, but always say things like: “I’m too old and can’t change it”. Phrases like that are just you thinking that you can’t do it. If you think you can’t do it, then you can’t. It is never too late to do anything. If one person can change the world by following their dreams, can you imagine the effect of millions of people doing the same?

This post asks: “How do we manage our anger?” The answer is simple (or maybe not so simple): In our lives, we have two choices to deal with an unpleasant situation: We can change the situation, or we can change how we view the situation.

That job you hate so much? It is only temporary. It pays the bills and feeds the family, but it is a bridge to something greater.

If you cannot change a situation, view it with love. Try and come to terms with the people or events that make it difficult and realize that the anger will pass in time.

To end, I will post another poem:

Each little figment

of each little life

constantly filled

with so much strife


Lethargic and weak

Perpetually meek

we can never find

what we seek


Anger alights

an irrational fight

Go now and see

How life can truly be:


Of a false me