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Hi everyone. Lately I have been so stressed out over everything. It is so hard to continue forward with all this stress, but yet I feel as if I cannot tell anyone I know; for if I do then they will certainly tell me I am wrong or tell me I am a failure at something.

Which leads me to a greater question: Why is it that human contact is so necessary yet so difficult? A lot of people always seem so intent on telling themselves that they are fine and they do not need help to continue forward.

Isolation is about the worst reality imaginable to most people; being locked away with no human contact is enough to drive anyone mad. Yet, it is so hard to reach out and connect when everyone pushes you away or hurts you.

In my life, I learned early on to stop talking to people so that they don’t hurt me. As a child, I went to school and looked around at all the seemingly normal kids. It hurt to see them so “normal” while I shunned myself away for my own safety. As an adult, I am still extremely introverted. The reality of this still stings.

I often question why life is so confusing. I will never understand why I turned out the way I did or why reaching out to others is so hard.

It seems that when we are surrounded by others, we have the potential to reach greater heights. It only takes that one person to make us question everything we have ever done or achieved. My parting message is this: don’t let that one person destroy your life. Don’t let his/her words keep you from achieving greatness. I still believe that people are inherently good. Don’t make the same mistake I did. Reach out and find those awesome people that make living worthwhile.

I will end by attempting a poem:

Look into my eyes

what do you see?

My tears?

My sorrow?

My misery?


Why can’t I see?

What do I need?

What is blinding me?


Someday she will sing

and question eveything

But until then she is quiet

Her own imaginary king


Would you wake me from this dream?

and hear her broken scream?

She cannot remain here

Let us go, my dear


Awaken, morning sun

That only she can see

Is this the one

who will set her free?

(This post was based on this writing prompt)