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Hi everyone 🙂 Hope everyone is having a glorious day.

For a while I have been wondering about something: What exactly is a dream? And what does it take to achieve a dream?

I have read stories of children who know they want to be a certain profession, and eventually end up in that profession as an adult. These stories make me smile, but how is it that they know at such a young age?

In today’s times, I feel that people are actually being discouraged from achieving greatness. They may be told to go after the job that makes the most money, or stop pursuing their dreams because “you’ll never make it” or “it’s not realistic”. No wonder why people are so miserable all the time!

Contrary to what some people may say, money does not buy happiness. Living a life that is not a happy one is not living life at all.

It’s strange, because in my life, I have never known what I wanted to pursue as a career. I am at a point in my life where I am now being forced to decide. I have never seriously thought about this. There are so many options, but which are the right ones? How do I decide? How will I get there when I do decide?

I guess that in the end, all my indecision stems from fear. As I stated in my last post, I am extremely introverted, and afraid to show others my true passions. I am afraid to pursue these. Walking around with a mask is so exhausting, but I don’t know what else to do. As this post suggests, we should not hold back! Holding back does not feel freeing.

Anyway, I guess my point is that you shouldn’t be afraid to pursue greatness. All the negative people and events in the world are always out there, attempting to stop us in our tracks. You are great, and shouldn’t be afraid to show it!

And now, I must end my post here. I apologize for the lack of a poem or short story, but I am feeling a little sick and must go rest now. Have a great week everyone.