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Hi everyone.

Why is it that life is so confusing? I always have a lingering feeling that whatever I do is not good enough or not correct, or that I should be doing more.

I will be honest, it is hard to feel great with this constant bombardment of negative feedback. I keep telling myself that no matter what I do, it will turn out okay; it is supposed to happen for one reason or another.

So therefore, I have to ask: what is that makes people great? What do these people know or do that I do not?

Reading this post got me thinking of the role others play in feeling great.

Given that I haven’t always had friends to support me, this question is a little difficult for me to answer. However, living in this way has taught me wonders about the role a good support system plays in moving forward.

Given that I am so introverted, I have always had difficulty in putting myself out there; the idea of people picking me apart and critiquing every moment of my life is very unappealing, yet sometimes we have no choice but to do it. In order to be truly great, it seems we must do this at some point or another.

This is where a good support system comes in. Imagine that you are struggling with something. You have been trying over and over again to do this one thing, and to get it right. Someone comes along and tells you: “You’re doing great. Don’t give up. I believe in you.” Maybe this person even gives you a hand and helps you complete this task.

Positive feedback is often the one element that a person needs to be great. If several people are behind you, then it aspires you to move forward and achieve greater goals.

Since we do not always have this help, it is vital that we go out and find it. Distance yourself from all those who would do you harm. Anyone who laughs at you and tells you that your dreams are a worthless pursuit are not worthy of your time. Use their spiteful words as fuel to motivate you to achieve your goals.

And most of all, don’t forget that you are worth it. You are great. You will win if you keep on trying.

To end this post, I will attempt a short poem:

Silently the dull wind blows

in the snow covered trees

to the dead beat

of her own misery


What can he see

that makes it dream

so differently?


his harsh words bleed

Her aching heart screams

through howling beams

of haunting light



Fractured days

of worthless love

his head held high

floating so high above


he cannot see

what it is like to be me


so go away now

and let me be

the reaper’s bow

an oblivion unseen


Pick up the pace

and look at my face

each finger trace

will lead you closer to the race

of living