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Hello everyone! Happy Spring or Autumn!

Before I begin this week’s post, I just want to take a moment to thank everyone who gave me positive comments and messages after last week’s angry post. Each comment helped me get through the anger I felt. Since that anger is now out of my system, I want to dedicate this post to something positive.

It is now spring here; the time of awakening and rebirth. It is always refreshing to walk outside without being bundled up in several layers.

Yesterday, despite the whipping wind and the fatigue I was feeling, I decided to take an opportunity to go for a walk. I silenced my phone to enhance the experience: I had to fully spend time with nature.

As usual, I was neck deep in anxiety about everything. I kept worrying about my future. I couldn’t see a way out of the misery I surround myself with.

As I walked along the watery roads, a fascinating thought crossed my mind:

“The pebbles below my feet have survived through earthquakes, windstorms, tsunamis, and floods. Yet, they are still here. Just as these pebbles have survived, I too can survive.”

As I move forward, I realize that I tend to over analyze everything. Life isn’t as bad as I think it is. Reading this post reminded me of one important fact: We are all important. We all have a life to lead. Your life starts when you realize that you must also love yourself. In loving yourself, the rest comes naturally. Even if no one else supports you in your journey, there will always be the love of life itself giving you the strength to go on.

Now I realize that I just have to let life go on. I shouldn’t try to stress out or worry about it, because that will only detract me from moving on. I just have to trust in myself, and everything will fall into place. Like the pebbles beneath my feet, I can survive the worst of storms. Never give up and never give in.

I will end my post with a short poem:

Bring me up

and spit me out

is this what life

is all about?


Falling forward

into disgrace

Each memory

an empty space


Draw on me

Design a road

draft a future

that I will never know


Once then twice

A road with zero lights

has led me to a station

where no way is ever right


Falling forward

into grace

each new memory

a sacred place