Reblogging this in honor of spring!

Dream Cloud Diaries

With the arrival of May, it finally feels like spring. The winter is finally going away and the beautiful flowers overtake the snow. Birds chirp away happily, and you are completely at peace among the green grass. All stresses melt away and a new day dawns.

This weather has certainly taught me an important lesson: It is okay to relax and take breaks. With the constant motion and busyness of everyday life, it is very easy to forget to rest. It is okay to take a walk and smell the flowers. It is okay to go to the park and go on the swings. Take time for yourself and forget about the stresses of work/school every once in a while ūüôā

To celebrate the coming of spring, I have written not a diary entry or a short story, but a poem.
I don’t usually write poetry, so any constructive feedback…

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