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Hi everyone.

For a while now, I have had a seemingly simple question lingering in the back of my mind: Who am I?

Thinking about that question has made me realize that we are all made up of something; our pasts give us the “building blocks” of what we are today.

What am I made of? I’m not even sure. I’ve always marched without thinking about what defines me. I’ve just lived because I’ve felt that I’ve had to.

But the truth is, every place I have been to has become a part of me in some way. Each memory is like a particle of dust: it always floats around. We may think each memory goes away, but somehow these memories always linger.

Each memory carries a lesson, even if that lesson is not apparent. What these lessons have taught and how they have shaped our future is what makes up the building blocks.

So what exactly am I made of? Each time I have stumbled, the pebbles of humanity have lifted me back up. Every mistake has steered me towards a path of knowing, being comfortable in knowing what to do next.

The fact that everyone has different building blocks is what makes life so interesting. Whenever we feel stuck, someone else may have the answers, or maybe not. Going out in the world and sculpting our building blocks is what life is all about. Don’t be afraid to explore and have fun!

I will end now with a poem based on mindlovemisery’s “Wordle #1”:


Crafting, constructing, ripping apart

restricted by the sutures

of being sane


whisper me the secrets

of successful hopes


and fresh starts


Coming back

the final straw

your shearing words

so venomous and raw


Time is but an anomaly

an effluvium of lies

release the cycle

our society binds


Cobwebs cover

and cobwebs congeal

a forgotten seal

a voodoo deal


So finally,

the dreamer recants

suspended in reality

and a world of cant’s


A single bassinet

lays exposed in the cold

faded away

a symbol of old


Each step

a painted grace

adds layers

to a seasoned face