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Hi everyone. It’s been a busy week filled with appointments, deadlines, and a never ending amount of work I had to do. It’s nice to breathe for once 🙂

This post asks us to “entertain with the mundane”. So much of my life is boring and uninteresting that I don’t even know where to begin.

I guess I will start off by sharing a little secret, if you can call it that, but it is more a glimpse into my life. To some degree, I am always surrounded by other people, whether it be family or people at school. As an introvert, the thought of being surrounded by all these people that I am afraid to talk to is intimidating. The voice in the back of my head yells at me. It tells me “You should try talking to some of these people.”

And I never end up talking to anyone. Sometimes, this doesn’t bother me. At other times, I feel such… anguish; a sort of anguish that feels like needles are stabbing my soul. At these times, I crave sleep. I want nothing else; just a deep, cleansing slumber.

So, that is why my favorite mundane activity is driving. When I am driving, I am finally alone. I can pop in a CD and scream all my emotions away. I scream the lyrics until my voice gets hoarse and it feels fantastic. When I reach my destination, I feel somewhat cleansed. No one is around to judge me, it is just me projecting the power of my voice.

When most people drive, they seem to want to reach their destination as fast as they possibly can. They pass slow people, go too much over the speed limit, and grumble at every red light. It seems to me that they do not enjoy the sensation of driving and being free to go wherever they want to. Enjoy the journey. Enjoy the sights and sounds of a beautiful morning. Sing along to your favorite music. Don’t let slow people or annoying drivers keep you from enjoying the ride.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to live. It is the seemingly mundane moments that can create a lifetime of memories.

I will end with a poem inspired by this photo prompt:


What is a shell?

A separate kind of hell




Away goes the mold

It must be a hundred years old

For it to feel so cold

can new life take hold?




Such a fragile little seed

a little bit of warmth

is all it needs

Will the old shell

finally break free?




Such a beautiful sight

ends the lonely maiden’s plight

The first signs of friendship

and her new friend is just right