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Hi everyone!

This week was a very special week for Dream Cloud Diaries. One year ago on Wednesday, I made my very first blog post. To be honest, I never expected what was going to come of this blog. I had to start it for a class, and I ended up liking it enough to keep going. I never expected my first content post on my story of middle school betrayal would gain any attention.

I realize that for the past year, a lot of my posts have dealt with my negativity. I tore apart my insides and spilled the contents all over my blog. My hope has been that someone reading has learned something, for what good is knowledge if we do not spread it to others?

Before I continue, I wanted to take a moment to thank all my readers. Throughout the year, I have realized that there are some pretty awesome people in the world. All of you have given me nothing but support and positive feedback. Though this blog is still a small entity, I take pride in knowing that each of you has reached out to me in kindness. Thank you all of you.

Now onto today’s post. Since most of my posts have been so negative, I wanted to focus on something more positive today. This post asks us to “write about a philosophy that you actually practice, not one that you wished you practiced”.

I have been in a dark place for a very long time. However, I like to believe that this is not who I really am. Out there is a world of infinite light: one that makes me want to get up and dance; one that puts my current life into perspective. Though my life doesn’t make sense right now, I know that it will sometime soon. I think I am getting closer every day.

When I was meditating earlier today, I had a vision enter my mind:

I was being guided through a field of grass. At the end of this field was a rocky cliff overlooking something below. I was standing on this cliff so I could see what was below: it turned out to be a castle surrounded by a green mist, something I associate with being protected.

Since I was standing over it, I assume that means I am stepping away from my old life piece by piece. In fact, I filled out a job application today, only the second one I have ever filled out. I’m super nervous at thinking about how that will go.

So, in the end, hope is not something useless. It is the one kernel of truth to keep alive in the darkest of times. Don’t forsake this light, no matter how grim everything may be.

To end today, I will write about a subject I know too well: night.

The starlight hollowed

into a mirrored dream

the doorway left unopened

the shining star unseen


Mother moon

in her laughing ways

sings to life so softly

a never ending daze


Suspicious stares

and ominous bewares

But the truth is,

who really cares?

What is it really

that’s out


in the air

a whispered secret

of an earth in slumber

dance with me

my eternal umber