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Hello everyone! It’s Friday! 😀

I was thinking about what to write for this week’s post, and an interesting thought struck me.

If you take a single food recipe and give it to ten different people, the end result will always be different. Each person will add or subtract something, or mix the spices in just the right way to put a new spin on it. And yet, each result is still from the same recipe.

Each of us seems to have that one family recipe, whether it be Grandma’s bread or Aunty’s cookies. We try to make it the same way, but it is uniquely our own if we try to make it.

So why is it that they turn out so differently? Because we each include the secret ingredient: love!

If you truly love something and enjoy it to the fullest, then it will taste so much sweeter.

I’m not just talking about food, of course, but also about life.

Love is something that has confused me for a very long time. I always hear people talking about it, but I’m not sure if I’ve ever truly felt it or not.

In my own life, I’ve spent so much time either angry or sad. I still try to hide my feelings and my presence from everyone around me. I wish for things that cannot be and try to deny the reality of what already is.

For example, I’ve had to wear glasses since I was about nine years old. From day one, I hated glasses. I hated the way they felt on my face and hated the way they made me look. Therefore, I only wore them at school and not everywhere else. As you can imagine, my vision only got worse as a result of my habits.

Even as an adult, I could not accept my glasses. I would always complain that I couldn’t see, and my friends and family would always respond “Why aren’t you wearing your glasses?”

For about the past month, a crippling realization has hit me: I am only making myself suffer. I cannot run away from my vision problems, it is a part of who I am. Instead of trying to deny reality, I should be trying to embrace it. My thought is by that embracing my weakness, I will come to love myself more in the long run. And therefore, I am now trying to wear my glasses everywhere. In order to love life and love the world, the first step must be to love myself.

The point I am trying to make is this: we are all born with unique skills, whether we want to accept them or not. We are born with our strengths and weaknesses for a reason. It is up to us to embrace our traits fully and find what we were meant to live for. Life will only  get better in the long run.

Today’s poem is inspired by this post:




reserve all judgement


you make

the final offer


Only when the seal

is so gently broken

can the jar

see past

it’s iron coffer


Your lonely longings

and childish chills

cannot bring you past

your expensive thrills


The blessed eagle

so soft and sleek

carry me home

in your majestic beak


even in flight

the drifter seeks

an end to the anguish

of feeling so weak


erratic fantasies

of roads to explore

lost to the folds

of defeated dreams

forever more



is but a unending tower

bending sideways

until our final hour

of death



a chimerical illusion

sent as a harbinger

of endless confusion

such a cycle

of hate