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Hi everyone! Hope everyone is having a fantastic Friday!

Life is all about adventures. Even as adults, we should not fail to have adventures every once in a while!

In my life, I’ve always found that the times where I seem to have the most fun is when I’m doing something new or out of the ordinary. My mind suddenly shifts into “little kid mode” and I get giddy. I finally get to try something new and fun!!!

Right now, I have construction going on right next to my house. Crews are working on fixing a bridge that is falling into major disrepair. As such, the road is closed off by signs and barriers. Oh no, my walking route is gone!!! While I am saddened at the loss of my walking route, I found a temporary solution that put me into “little kid mode”.

While there are barriers blocking the road, the road itself is still intact. When I took a walk a few days ago, I found that there was just enough space to squeeze by the barriers. Before I set out, I told myself I would climb or jump over the barriers if I had to so I didn’t have to walk all the way around to get home again.

When I got back home, I felt like I had accomplished something great just because the barriers presented a new challenge. I felt like a rebel and it was awesome.

Trying new things keeps our mind sharp and our spirits youthful. If you feel stuck or restless, go out and do something you’ve never done before. Go out and act like a child for a while. There is no shame in playing in the mud or making sand castles. It may help put your life into perspective!

For the end of my post, I wanted to try something a little different. This challenge asks to write in the genre I am least comfortable with. Since this post is about trying new things, I am accepting the challenge. And I now present to all of you: my attempt in writing horror. (If horror makes you queasy, please read on at your own risk.)

With a swift kick to the back, I could feel my entire essence blink out of the existence I once knew. What little light remained in my life faded with the closing of the door.

The wooden stairs did nothing to cushion my fall towards oblivion.

The floor of the basement was surprisingly warm. A red film covered my cheeks as I cautiously crawled along the floor. I bit my lip, desperate not to cry out in pain. A warm liquid flowed towards me, slowly at first, but increasing in volume as I crawled into a doorway.

As I entered the room, a sharp grinding noise filled my ears. I cried out.

“Aha!” a man said.

A small flame lit up in the man’s hands. I looked up to see him holding a match. He wore a business suit and carried a professional looking suitcase in his other hand.

“Isn’t that fascinating?” he said. He walked around me, tilting his head and examining me from various angles.

“What is all that noise?” a female voice asked.

“Nothing, dear. Just relax,” the man replied.

The man reached into his pocket and took out a piece of candy. He casually unwrapped it and took out the chocolate, throwing the remaining wrapper on top of me.

The man leaned over and began caressing my face.

“Just relax…” the man said again.

I felt several sharp teeth puncture my back. Sickening crunching noises filled the room. The strange candy wrapper creature grew bigger as it ate its fill of me.

As tears filled my eyes, the man put his hand over my face.

“It’s a shame I must steal such a beautiful face,” he said.

The creature on my back began drooling on me. I felt myself melting away, dissolving into a pile on the floor. The creature grunted as it began morphing into something new. I saw only a splitting image of myself as I faded away completely.