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Hi everyone. I hope this week is treating you all well.

Though I enjoyed most of the week, I was stricken by a sadness when I learned of the death of Maya Angelou. I always feel sad when someone who is exceptionally talented is no longer with us.

Maya Angelou’s passing made me think of the affect words can have on people. “I love you”, “I’m sorry”, “I was wrong”… imagine how these simple words could change someone’s life.

All the words that are spoken in your lifetime add up. Perhaps they broke up a friendship or reestablished one. Perhaps they saved you from dying. Or maybe they made someone’s bad day into a good one.

In this life, the only constants are love and humanity. Pay attention to the words you say. If people react in a negative way, perhaps it is not them, but it may be you. We are all people and we all struggle to live on a daily basis. Before you judge someone too harshly, remember that they may be going through a difficult time.

Poetry has such a strong power. Not only does it expose our humanity, but it also gives us encouragement; a desire to act and change the world.

With the end of my post, I would like to say: Rest in peace Maya Angelou. You were a beautiful person and the world mourns your passing.


Redemption is but a face

Pitied in the endless race

of time


and broken rhymes


The soul

never content to cry

must suffer in the endless why


And just like venom

erasing the gentle face

talent unexplored

Perhaps a master race

or perhaps another chase


So when the closing song comes

the angels do hum




Death is not final

Let each word sing a lullaby